Day 1 Sunday-Algiers(L.D)

Meet at airport and proceed to Lunch restaurant. Afternoon, visit of Algiers, the Casbah (World heritage) with the splendid Ottoman architecture, and the principal monuments of the city. After the visits, check-in at your hotel, Albert 1er or similar.

Day 2 Monday - Algiers-Tipaza-Algiers 61 Kms(B.L.D)

Full-day excursion to the roman ruins of Tipaza (World heritage), founded by the Phoenecians then turned to a Roman military colony by the emperor Claudius. In prestigious location, between the mountain and sea. It was classified world Heritage by UNESCO in 1982.Tipaza was also one of the large hearths of African Christianity, new religion which will have important repercussions known the political life of the time.  Lunch downtown and continuation of the visits and return to Algiers. dinner and Night  Hotel Safir Mazafran or similar

Day 3 Tuesday - Algiers-Setif-Constantine 424 Kms (B.L.D)

Morning departure in direction of Sétif while passing by the gorges of Kherrata.  Lunch in Sétif. Then continuation towards the site of Djemila “the beautiful” (World heritage), it is one of the best preserved Berbero-Roman ruins in North Africa. Under the name of Cuicul, the city was built during the first century A.D by the Emperor Nerva to be a military colony, then grew to be a large trading market. Continue to the 3Rd largest City of the country Constantine, ancient Cirta, which was the capital of the kingdom Numidia under the reign of king Massinissa.

Stay at hotel Arc en Ciel or semillar

Day 4 Wednesday - Constantine - Batna 119 Kms(B.L.D)

Morning excursion to the red city of Tidis, ancient Castellum Tidditannorum which as by its name was a Casttelum or a fortress. Established on a whole of hard rocks with great height offers a wonderful panoramic view of the region. Back to Constantine for lunch and city visits, to the suspended bridges, gorges of Rhummel. Monument to the dead…etc Lunch with a traditional Constantinois menu. Departure for Batna. dinner and night  at Hotel Hazem or similar

Day 5 Thursday-Batna-M’sila-Boussaâda 250Kms (B.L.D)

Leave Batna to head to the Largest Roman ruins of Algeria Timgad(World heritage). Known as the Pompeii of north Africa. Timgad or Thamughadi by its old name was created by the emperor Trajan in AD100. Continue to M’sila for lunch and visit Kalaa Beni Hammad (World heritage). In a mountainous site of one seizing beauty the ruins of the first capital of the emirs Hammadides, founded in 1007 and destroyed in 1152, restore us the authentic image of a strengthened Moslem city. The mosque, with its prayer room and the 20meters high Minaret is comparable with Giralda of Sevilla in Spain, and is one of largest found in Algeria. Continuation to Boussaâda. dinner and night at Hotel Kerdada or similar

Day 6 Friday - Boussaâda- Biskra 174 Kms (B.L.D)

Visit of Boussaâda (Oasis of Happiness). Ferrero Mill and house of Dinet (Alphonse-Etienne Dinet, great painter, leaved in the town in 1904 and converted to Islam then changed name to Nasseredine Dinet). Also to the many mosques of which most astonishing is a counterpart of the Hagia Sophia of Istanbul in Turkey. lunch and departure toward Biskra dinner and night at hotel Zibans or similar

Day 7 Saturday: Biskra-El Oued-Touggourt 321 Kms(B.L.D)

Morning city visit of Biskra, then transfer to El Oued –the city of thousand domes- El-Oued is an Oasis, watered by an under-ground river which gives it name to the town. Enjoy shopping and pedestrian sight-seeing through the building with fascinating desert architecture. Lunch and continuation to Touggourt for dinner and stay.

Day 8 Sunday: Touggourt-Ghardaïa 346 Kms(B.L.D)

Transfer to Ghardaïa. The Landscape of the valley of M’Zab (World heritage), created in the 5th century by Ibadites tribes around their five ksour, or strengthened towns, seems to be remained intact. Simple, functional and perfectly adapted to the environment. The architecture of M’Zab was conceived for the community life, while respecting the family structures. Visit of Ghardaïa and Beni-Isguen towns. Night at Ghardaïa i.

Day 09 Monday: Ghardaïa(B.L.D)

Full-day in Ghardaia with visits the palm plantation and town of El-Atteuf the mausoleum of sidi Brahim free time for shopping and leisure for the rest of day

Day 10 Tuesday: Ghardaïa – (by air) - Illizi - Djanet (B.L.D)

Flight AH 6470 departure 09:10 Arrival Illizi 11:20. Lunch, visit of the city and continuation towards Djanet passage by the oasis of Ihrir.

Day 11 Wednesday Djanet (B.L.D)

Excursion in the area of Tikoubaouine, magnificient view of the sand dunes and rocks forming natural arches, also a few rock paintings can be seen in this region. Picnic style lunch and return to Djanet

Day 12 Thursday Djanet (B.L.D)

This strange lunar landscape of great geological interest, shelters one of the most important prehistoric rupestral art of the world (World heritage). More than 15.000 drawings and engravings allow to follow the local human history, since 6000 BC until the first centuries of our era. The changes of the climate, the migrations of fauna and the evolution of the human life to the beginig of the desertification. Departure towards the plate of Djabarene visits of paintings and engravings(crying cows) at  Tegharghar region , return to Djanet  for dinner and brief rest before the departure to Algiers after midnight

Day 13 Friday Djanet-Algiers (B)

Flight AH6233 departure 02:40 Arrival Algiers 4:30 morning free at leisure with a possibility of lunch according to your return flight.

End of service